About the Thermal Imaging Blog Project

1 Nov


We have always been fascinated with Thermal Imaging and Thermal Cameras as well as all other means of “seeing” the world around us in a different way that is simply not possible with what senses we humans have. This is one of the main reasons that we have created this project, as a means to play around, experiment and see things around us in a different way that what we see with our eyes and also to show it to you. For many people thermal vision or thermal images are directly being associated with one of the vision modes that the alien called Predator had in the movie series Predator. In fact our interest in thermal imaging is also related to the first Predator movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1987, so it is not uncommon to often seen relations to this when talking about thermal imaging. Thermal cameras are becoming more and more accessible to people and they are finding their way in the hands of more normal people, although they are still used mostly by professionals for various work related tasks. But a thermal camera can be useful for a lot of thing and we are going to try to give you an idea for a few of these as well as to show you how common things look like when viewed with a thermal imaging camera, so stay tuned for some cool things to come.

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