Exhaust Ventilation Thermal Image

17 Feb


Here is an example of a thermal image of exhaust ventilation that can be misleading only judging things based on the visual information with false color without taking a look at the temperature representation of the colors. On the image it may seem that the temperature of the exhaust ventilation and cooling fan is much higher than that of the surrounding environment including the cold wall. In fact however the temperature of the exhaust vent is just a few degrees Celsius more than that of the wall, something that happens due to the fact that the motor of the fan in the exhaust fan gets hotter while operating as well as due to the hotter air going out through the vent. The conclusion, when looking at a thermal image do not get a false impression by just looking at the false colors used for temperature representation – look as what values does the colors represent and what is the minimum and maximum temperature value of the temperature range represented on the image.

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