Computer Case Cooling Thermal Image

23 Feb


Nowadays the PCs are designed in a way that their cooling solutions take out all of the hot air from inside to the back of the computer case. All of the heat generated by the processor and the video card is usually moved from the insides of the PC case by fans located at the back side of the case and then above or below them is the power supply that also brings out some of the hot air, though often it is mostly giving out heat that is generated by the PSU itself. There are of course some computer cases that have places for a lot of cooling fans and the user has the ability to change the way the cooling works by changing which fans take cold air from outside and which bring hot air to the outside. In the specific case we have here the computer case has two exhaust fans on the back and on top of them is located the power supply. As you can see on the thermal image some of the components inside the PSU are apparently getting quite hot when the computer is under heavy load.

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