Kalt Sensor, an Infrared Thermometer For Mobile Devices

1 Mar


The Kalt Sensor is a small accessory for your smartphone or tablet that is able to turn it into a precise non-contact infrared thermometer. The device plugs into the headphones jack of your iOS or Andorid device and after you install a dedicated application you are able to measure the temperature of various objects around you. The Kalt Sensor essentially reads the infrared energy that the object emits and translates that in user readable temperature of your choice in either Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin. So by adding this sensor to your mobile device it will become much like those portable gun-like infrared thermometers sold at hardware stores. The project was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter raising $11100 USD with 217 backers, but if you missed to back it up then you can pre-order your sensor from the official website. The product is available in two main versions – with normal and with extra range sold for $43 and $48 USD respectively as well as in 4 different case colors and with an optional extension cable.

Kalt Sensor Specifications:
– High accuracy of 0.5°C over wide temperature range
– -70 to +380°C for object temperature
– Field of view 90 degrees (2:1 ) for normal model
– Field of view 35 degrees (6:1) for extra range model
– Displays the temperature in large , easy to read numbers
– Emissivity: 0.1 to 1 selectable from the app
– Response time less than 400 msec

What is important to note when choosing between the normal and extra rage model is the distance and size of the objects you are going to be measuring most of the time. The normal range model is for measuring larger objects from close distance due to the low ratio it has, so for example form 2 centimeters distance you will be measuring the temperature of a surface of 1 centimeter. The extra range version will allow you to measure the same 1 centimeter surface from 6 centimeters distance, or about 0.33 centimeter surface area from 2 centimeters. So make sure you have this in mind when deciding between the normal and extra range version.

For additional details and to pre-order a Kalt Sensor for your smartphone or tablet…

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2 Responses to Kalt Sensor, an Infrared Thermometer For Mobile Devices


October 19th, 2015 at 03:46

In Kalt specifications, field of view data looks inverted: at a 2 cm range, 90 degrees FOV cover a 4 cm wide spot. Nor Kalt’s nor Robogaia’s websites contain updated info, and kickstarter user’s comments show the project has serious technical issues…

Jonathan Apperley

March 27th, 2020 at 01:53

I’m really loving the advancements in the industry that are adapting this technology for mobile devices, it was only a few years ago that this kind of interface wouldn’t have even been thought of let alone for sale! Love the blog post by the way.

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