Route 94 – My Love Thermal Music Video

17 Aug

This is something interesting, though a bit old, yet you might still have missed it – a music video shot entirely with a thermal camera shot last year. The music video of the song My Love by Route 94 featuring Jess Glynne was shot entirely using a FLIR SC8200 – a science-grade thermal imaging camera and the result is great. You can watch the video embedded above and you will most likely be impressed by the level of detail and clarity of the thermal images produced by this thermal imaging camera. Well this is what you can get with a really high-end thermal camera, but be aware that the price range of devices like the FLIR camera used here is way above what a normal person can afford to buy just for fun. If you are interested in a bit more information about the shooting of the video and the use of the thermal camera you can find some extra information here.

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Iconic Music Videos, As Told By Pretentious Chick – pretentiouschick

August 4th, 2017 at 23:38

[…] sex, and drugs at a club. But it’s way cooler, because the whole video was shot with a thermal camera , so everyone looks orange AF, and like they have colds or something because their noses are so red. […]

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