Thermal Imaging Sensor Resolution Comparison

2 Dec


Thermal cameras do come with various sensor resolutions with the more expensive the camera is, the higher resolution it usually provides for the thermal images you can record. The affordable thermal cameras usually do come with low resolution sensors that also have a more limited thermal detection range, so they cannot detect very low or too high temperatures. Usually when your thermal imaging sensor is with a certain resolution you can double it with software image interpolation to get a higher resolution image to make things more visible without issues. But the better and higher the resolution is, the easier it is to see what you are looking for as normally thermal images do not provide very good reference for the actual objects being shot. On the image above you can see a sample of how a thermal image will look like if you are using a 16×16 pixel thermal imaging sensor all the way up to 640×480 resolution sensor. Do note that each step up from 80×60 is double the resolution, but comes with essentially 4 times the pixels and 640×480 thermal imaging sensors are something you can normally find in very high-end products only, so most of the time you need to use lower resolution thermal images and there interpolation may help.

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