Asus 300 Mbps Wireless Router Thermal Image

5 Jan


Wireless routers are something very common nowadays in many homes as it is very convenient and affordable way to share the Internet connection to multiple devices at home or in the office. Most home WiFi devices, especially the ones that are very affordable priced and targeted at consumers, are often designed for low to moderate loads and if they are overloaded they often start to overheat and cause you connection trouble. So it is wise to keep an eye on the load of your wireless router and it it starts causing you trouble to check if it is overheating due to being overloaded for longer periods of time due to multiple devices using it all the time. On the thermal image of an Asus 300 Mbps wireless router above you can see a device that is used by just two computers and a tablet and is in normal operating conditions. Do note however that the thermal image is of the top of the WiFi router and even though it may be at normal temperature, the actual chips on the mainboard of the device will have a higher operating temperature for sure. If checking for an overheating router you should check the temperature of the components inside of the device as the temperature there could be a problem, not the one on the outside of the device.

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