Portable Propane-Butane Gas Heater Thermal Image

11 Jan


The portable propane-butane gas heaters provide large volumes of instant heat that can be used to heat larger spaces in a very cost effective and efficient way as opposed to other means of heating. They are compact and fuel efficient and provide a lot of power that can quickly heat larger areas, but they do come with a drawback – they are suitable for areas with good ventilation. If you do not ventilate the room well using a portable gas heater may lead to deficiency in oxygen supply and that can e dangerous for your health. On the thermal image above you can see a portable propane-butane gas heater in operation and as you can see the combustion zone is the hottest part with around 200 degrees Celsius with pretty much all the rest remaining at about room level temperatures. The propane-butane gas container may form some ice on the surface as it may get pretty cold when the gas heater is in use, look at the bottom part of the gas container where the temperature gets lower.

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