Soldering Iron Thermal Image

1 Feb


If you are using a soldering iron for electrical and electronics work you know it gets very hot in order to melt the soldering wire, we are talking about hundreds of degrees Celsius here. What gets very hot however is the tip of the soldering iron and depending on the kind of soldering wire you are using it can be as low as 200 degrees or go over 400 degrees Celsius. Cheaper soldering irons do not come with temperature control from the user, but if you want something better then you can get a soldering iron that will allow you to control the operating temperature within a specific range depending on the soldering wire and kind of work you will be doing. Here you can see a thermal image of a soldering iron that has its tip already heated to 200 degrees, or actually more than that, though our thermal imaging camera maxes out at 200 degrees Celisus, so it will not show higher temperatures unfortunately. The actual temperature of the soldering iron tip should be more like 300 degrees Celsius if the thermal camera range could cover that you would see it on the thermal image. This is one of the limitations of the consumer oriented and more affordable thermal imaging cameras you can find on the market – more limited temperature range.

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