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Taking a thermal image of a standard computer keyboard may not be very interesting thing as these are normally very low power devices that use the computer’s USB port for the needed power and communication with the PC. If we take a look at a high-end gaming keyboard like the Logitech G19 keyboard designed for gamers however things might get a bit more interesting in terms of temperature of the devices. So we took a thermal image of a G19 keyboard after an hour of it being powered on, enough to have some parts of the keyboard get hotter than the rest of it. As expected the LCD display on the keyboard does get hotter and you can also see a spot on the top right side of the Logitech also getting hotter – this is where the keyboard controller apparently is located, so it is normal that this area also gets hotter over time. One thing that is interesting with keyboards and thermal imaging is if you can guess a password that was entered on the keyboard by the eat signature left on the keys by pressing them with hotter fingers. This thing however is something that we are going to explore later on, so stay tuned for more details about that.