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Here are some videos that actually use thermal imaging cameras for some scenes or even for recording the whole thing to give you a better idea on what kind of images thermal cameras produce. Mind you these videos rely on much higher-end thermal cameras than the affordable consumer options I have covered above, so they are capable of recording high framerate videos with a significantly higher thermal resolution…

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Our Hell, a music video from 2007 apparently shot completely with a thermal imaging camera. The video uses a grayscale representation for the difference in temperatures with darker objects being colder and lighter ones being hotter.

Coldplay – Midnight, a more recent music video from Coldplay shot almost entirely with a thermal imaging camera, again using the grayscale type of representation of color temperature. They do mix some regular images as well in the video and the thermal range was probably not tweaked so well in order to try and more the colder background from the people that have higher body temperature (like in the first video), though that might be intentional as well.

Earl Sweatshirt – Grief, a music video from 2015 with a similar vision like the first video, shot entirely with a thermal imaging camera and again using the grayscale type of color representation of thermal data. The video does include some really nice and interesting scenes with water and fire.

Route 94 – My Love ft. Jess Glynne, a music video from 2014 that was shot almost entirely with a thermal imaging camera. Unlike all of the three above this one uses different color LUT for the representation of the thermal data, this style is one of the most common ones actually and it is called Iron. The colder objects are darker (black for the coldest), while the hotter ones are lighter (white), but the colors pass through blue, magenta, red, yellow in between the coldest and hottest parts.

Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep is a music video from this year and it features some shots made with a thermal imaging camera, though most of the video is shot with a regular camera and some special effects were used in it. Using only some frames and not recording and showing the whole thing in thermal imaging allows you to go for not so high-specs thermal camera. Here the Iron false color representation for the thermal data is used yet again like in the above video.